The main philosophy of Times Square Shopping Mall concept is:

To bring in the ‘global shopping mall vision’ into Basrah
To introduce global shopping formats and international brands to Basrah residents and visitors
To create a successful and profitable business which will be the first of its kind in Basrah.
Our mission is to create a ‘destination’ retail area :

Which will be called as the ‘‘landmark“ of Basrah retail;
Which leaves the competition far behind by its’ first movers’ advantage;
Whose key attributes are quality, variety and hospitality,
Which carries a ‘balanced’ range of product and service categories to create a high customer traffic;
Which houses leading organizations and global brand names that creates high customer loyalty.
Where the shopping will be more then a pleasure with its’ trendy, modern , appealing , fashionable and friendly atmosphere;
Sheltering restaurants, cafes, movie theaters and its’ activities; it will become the heart of Basrah’s social life;
Which will become an attraction point for Basrah people, expatriates and tourists;
Where a world standard shopping experience will be present with new service philosophies;
Which is ‘profitable’ both for tenants and Times Square Shopping Mall.

Contact & Support

  •  Dinar Street, Jubaila District, Basra, Iraq
  • Email :
  • Email :
  • Email :
  • Phone 1 : (00964) 782 2122231
  • Phone 2 : (00964) 771 3303338


The availability of a park that hosts 1200 cars in this project is quite influential and effective in the success of the shopping process. This park will help mall comers to put their cars in an organized, safe and clean place.The park is controlled by smart technology.

Basra Times Square is powered by BTSmart Shopping Mall Management Systems

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