Radio Times Square broadcasts FM frequency (103,3)
To provide excellent media content added to the balance of the Times Square, which returned its audience through its channels and various means on everything that is new , distinct and worth pursuing and attention, and that the vision of the institution is the highest levels of leadership based on innovation and quality and the manufacture of the impact of the process of the strategic goals of the monastery United Investor at Basra Times Square Mall.
(Radio Times Square) is a comprehensive media platform that respects your mind and provides you with a useful and interesting product of knowledge and art that devotes a set of corporate values ​​such as ensuring the provision of excellent media services with high standards and high credibility. It also develops the quality and diversity of media services in order to satisfy the audience Through the application of the highest international and professional quality standards, without losing sight of the importance of selecting the best media elements and applying the best global technologies to meet the needs of all audiences and gain their confidence.
(Radio Times Square) reflects the varied and dynamic spirit of the mall, and provides artistic and creative content, as the new radio, visual orientation Iraqi architecture, a character and a neutral identity renewed and reflect the spirit of the city.
We are addressing the various stratums of the group through a series of classical and youthful programs and songs with a dynamic youthful sense. The Arabic songs are also a touch of velvet, as well as a large share of the morning and evening entertainment programs, based on innovation and vitality.
In addition, documentary programs have been developed which focus on the importance of the city, both economically and economically, and how it has been and continues to be the cultural and economic centre of the region as a whole. In addition, it has produced many economic programs aimed at improving the city’s business environment and focusing on its regional importance.